• All Good Things...

    I’m sad to report that Josh and I had to lay off the Large Animal team last week. While our games that are already in the world will continue to be supported, Large Animal will not release any new games.

    Being an independent game developer can be challenging, and we managed to weather many storms over the past 13 years. This time, however, we found ourselves in a situation that we could not fight through. A project we were working on with a publisher was cancelled at a time when we had also been investing heavily in our own IP. We pursued several avenues to cover the financial gap and our team made sacrifices to help us get there, but ultimately we were not able to get a deal done in time and we simply ran out of money. 

    To our team of amazingly talented artists, engineers, community managers, designers and producers, we consider ourselves lucky to have worked with you. You helped make this a dream job for us. Thank you for all your hard work over the years, thanks for sticking with us through thick and thin, and thanks for the memories. Sorry we weren't able to pull through this together, team. We’d love nothing more than to work with you all again someday. 

    To our colleagues in the industry, our focus right now is on helping these folks find new jobs. Please email us so we can tell you more about how special these people are and why you should hire them immediately.

    To the players who tried our games, sent us praise or criticism, or told their friends about us, thanks for your support. Feedback from players is the lifeblood of any good game developer.

    Despite the anguish of having to disband a team we've built, I’m also proud of what we've accomplished as Large Animal over the past 13 years. When Josh and I started making a little puzzle game in a spare room in his apartment, we had no idea we were at the start of such a crazy roller coaster. During that time,  over 75 people worked for us as employees, contractors, or interns. Summed up, we provided over 200 years worth of employment to all those folks. Many of them started with us fresh out of school and ended up seasoned, confident professionals and leaders in their own right. We made a lot of games together and more importantly, a lot of fans. We made a living doing something we love, and we never stopped learning. 

    Honestly, it’s pretty crushing for Josh and I to have such a significant chapter in our lives draw to a close like this, but we’re excited about the opportunities that the future will undoubtedly bring. In the short term, we need to help our former employees land on their feet and we need to clear out an office full of stuff by the end of the month. We’ll also be at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next week and I’m looking forward to catching up with my game industry friends. 

    Finally, a huge thanks to our significant others, friends and family who have supported us and Large Animal over the years. We couldn't have done it without you. 

    Thanks for playing! 

    -Wade Tinney and Josh Welber

    March 2012 - the Large Animal team on the roof of our building

  • Kombat Kittens is a go!

    For backers of our Kombat Kittens Kickstarter project, the game is heading to the printer soon and is on schedule to be in backers' hands in June. Very exciting! From here on out, all Kombat Kittens service and communication will be handled by the publisher behind the game, Secret Potion.

    If you want to pre-order your copy of Kombat Kittens, you can do so at http://www.kombatkittens.com


    -Large Animal Games
  • Kombat Kittens: Introducing Vacucat!

    Our first cat-naming contest was a success! It's a name that's funny and fierce, like a Kombat Kitten should be. Thanks to our Kickstarter backer, weregrrl, for the awesome name.

    Be sure to follow (and back) our campaign for more opportunities to name some cats and get involved.

    See Kombat Kittens on Kickstarter
  • Kickstarter: Name this Cat!

    Last week, we had so much fun reading all the names you guys came up with for Vacucat that we want to do it again. This is another one from the mech suit and you may notice a bit of a theme with this one. See, we just love the idea of cats that have fully conquered their vacuum demons.

    As before, please tweet out your ideas with hashtag #kombatkittens, or leave them in the comments on the Kickstarter, or Facebook page. We'll choose our favorite on Wednesday.
  • Kickstarter update: Stretch Goals

    We have 10 days left in the Kombat Kittens campaign and we're drawing ever closer to our first stretch goal of $15,000, which will result in higher quality cards for all. Woot!! We've already begun talking to some printing companies and getting a handle on the details.

    Check it out!

  • Large Animal Kickstarts Kombat Kittens

    Kitten warriors battle for fame and fortune in this fast-paced card game for 3-5 players.

    There comes a time in everyone's life where you really want to do work that makes a difference in the world. Work that has an impact. That's why we decided to make a game about kittens who wear armor and fight.

    Please support us on Kickstarter